Empowering Ukrainian and Georgian Children: Mercy Hands’ Journey of Resilience and Healing

Mercy Hands America and Mercy Hands Europe have embarked on an inspiring journey with the implementation of their latest project, “Ukrainians’ Resilience through Psychotherapy, Music, Sport, and Games,” in Tbilisi, Georgia. Working in collaboration with their local partner, the Charitable Foundation United Cause (CFUC), significant progress has already been made in setting up the project and creating a supportive environment for the children involved.

Last week marked a crucial milestone in the project’s implementation. CFUC took the lead in preparing and decorating the office space, ensuring it was welcoming and conducive to the activities planned. They also procured the necessary materials for the artistic and creative lessons that will play a pivotal role in the healing and growth of the participating children.

The dedicated project psychotherapist wasted no time and began reaching out to parents and children, initiating the crucial process of assessing their individual needs. This step is crucial in tailoring the support provided to address the specific challenges and traumas experienced by each child.

This week saw the opening of a daycare center, which serves as a safe haven for Ukrainian children and teenagers who have been profoundly affected by the war, as well as disadvantaged Georgian children and youth. CFUC, under the guidance of their President, Olena, organized three open days to introduce children and parents to the center and its various activities. These open days not only familiarized the families with the facility but also provided a glimpse of the compassionate and nurturing atmosphere that awaits their children.

At the heart of this project lies the commitment to provide daily psychological and social support to the children and teenagers in need. Psychotherapy sessions, conducted by trained professionals, is a vital component of the program, helping the participants address and overcome their traumas. Additionally, music, art, and sport classes are offered to enhance the children’s resilience, fostering their ability to cope with psychological issues while promoting social integration.

The holistic approach of the project recognizes the interconnectedness of mental health, creativity, and physical well-being. Through engaging in artistic and physical activities, the children will not only find therapeutic outlets but also develop valuable life skills and a sense of empowerment. The integration of these elements ensures a comprehensive and balanced support system that caters to the diverse needs of the participants.

Mercy Hands America, Mercy Hands Europe, CFUC, and all the individuals involved in this project have embarked on an incredible endeavor to uplift the lives of Ukrainian and Georgian children affected by the war. By providing them with the tools and support necessary to heal and thrive, they are paving the way for a brighter and more resilient future. This project serves as a beacon of hope, demonstrating the transformative power of compassion, creativity, and collaboration in times of adversity.